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Extend the Life of Your Vehicle with Rust Check in Dartmouth

When you want to protect your vehicle’s body panel from rust, you want our Rust Check product in Dartmouth. Portland Rust Check’s products have been proven to protect your vehicle’s body panel optimally since 1973.

In the first step of our two-step application process, we spray Rust Check (a light, oil-based liquid) inside your vehicle’s body sections, getting into deep crevices like the joints, folds, seams and spot welds. Such crevices are where corrosion often takes hold first. Our Rust Check will adhere to all of these different parts and protect them from potential rust.

Rust Check has been shown to effectively displace moisture and inhibit corrosion in vehicles by forming a bonded layer on metal surfaces. The layer of Rust Check we put on your vehicle acts like a shield against water and ensuing corrosion.

Bring your vehicle in today and get the finest rustproofing in the HRM with our Rust Check in Dartmouth.

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