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Rust-Proofing and Rust Protection throughout Dartmouth & Halifax

Portland Rust Check in Dartmouth, part of the Canadian-owned Rust Check family, has the solution to the corrosive road conditions that attack cars, trucks and even semi-tractor trailers throughout the HRM. Our heavier grade of rust-proofing products will protect your vehicle and undercarriage better than lower-quality rust inhibitors.


Retail Aerosol & Bulk Products

Perhaps you’ve heard of Rust Check’s superior reputation for rust-proofing products. Are you interested in using them yourself, on your own vehicle? We sell Rust Check products right here in Dartmouth!


Portland Rust Check’s Services

  • Premium vehicle undercarriage protectant

  • Bed liners

  • Auto bodywork supplies


Stopping Rust Where It Starts

At Portland Rust Check, we’re more effective than other rust-proofing services because we apply a two-step application process. Read about Rust Check, the first step in this process.


Undercarriage Rust Protection

Let us apply our superior Coat & Protect product to your undercarriage. Your undercarriage will be rust-proofed and will even look nicer.


When applied together in our Rust Check Two-Product Process, Rust Check Coat & Protect and Rust Check give you superior protection tailored to the various environments faced by specific areas of your vehicle.


Book an Appointment

Make an appointment to see us at Portland Rust Check in Dartmouth, or call us for any questions you may have that aren’t covered on our FAQ Page. We look forward to serving you!


Don’t let rust take hold of your vehicle

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